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Weapon as a gift

We keep asking ourselves about how to congratulate our business partner, make special mention of the director's achievements, or welcome an important guest? And if, it is a man with a high standard of living, and who has got "everything"? The problem doubles.

It is possible to make a really precious, expensive and elite present. But how to avoid a mistake and how long will it take to find one? You need to take into consideration a lot of important things to make a really precious gift. The occasion itself, the age of the gift-taker, his character, religion, interests, financial state, etc. Often there is neither time nor essential information for that.

Which gift can be Worthy of a man?

Are there souvenirs? - Well they are nice, but how many of those have we got on our shelves? And during another spring-cleaning souvenirs get grabbed together and thrown away in armfuls along with our money and memories about us and the occasion.

Commemorative medals and pins, or "as usually" watches?

Often we let one of the most important moments in the life of anyone of us take its own course. And this is the opportunity to express our acknowledgement of person's achievements, individuality, and importance to others.

Gifts foundation STATUS specializes in manufacturing of elite gifts for important people. Having studied the history of making gifts, we came to a conclusion that the decorated edged weapon is a unique present. Giving as a present an exquisitely decorated weapon is a sign of special honor. And of course every Man feels awe and respect, when he sees an exquisitely decorated edged weapon.

The edged weapon of honor is a truly elite gift, which is worthy of the most distinguished people. It is a gift a Man will never part with. He will keep it carefully and he will hand it down to his children and grandchildren as a symbol of his acknowledged achievements and as a symbol, which in the course of time will become an ancestral and family value, and it will preserve memories about this person for centuries!

You can order any item on our website in the Catalog section that you like or you can email us an advance order. If you visit our Subject catalog (on the red ribbon at the bottom of the page), you can have a look at our previously manufactured custom-designed Corporate, Family, Anniversary, and Award weapons. You can purchase ready-made items or place an order at our offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Calling us on indicated on the website phone numbers, you can get all the information regarding the displayed items.

All models of cold edged arms can be manufactured in the form of souvenirs, i.e. they are uncontrolled and followed by conformance certificates issued by the licensing authorities in accordance with the criminalistics expert examination of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

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