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Corporate weapons

Corporate weapons are part of the corporate culture, based on the tradition of presenting someone with a weapon (as a gift). It is given to partners as an acknowledgement of cooperation importance, it is given to organizations heads as an acknowledgement of the significance of their work.

There are inscriptions and/or pictures that have to do with the giver (a company name or logo, state emblem) on the blade, hilt, or sheath of a corporate weapon.

As a rule corporate weapons are presented in honor of important occasions and events (signing of a contract, beginning or completion of a major project). It is given as well for no particular reason, just to express a special attitude towards a person.

Any organization, such as a medium business, large corporation, state or social organization can be a corporate weapons customers and givers.

Departmental Weapon is a type of the corporate weapon. It is manufactured according to the kind of activity of a state authority (ministry, service, etc.) and its historic continuity.

As a rule an authority's weapon bears two heraldic symbols. The authority's small emblem is placed on the blade; the authority's large emblem is on the sheath. On the blade there can be an inscription, that is either an authority's slogan or the name of its owner (personalized departmental weapon). On an order (instruction, direction, etc.) of the authority head it can be used as an award or gift weapon. The orderer is a respective authority or any other authorized by the government organization.

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