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A walking-stick is a straight stick with a handle, which was used for support during walking, and if necessary for defense.

The use of the walking-stick has got a very long and rich tradition. Originally it was a staff (a stick that helped in walking). Later on it went through the quality change. In the seventeenth century it was part of the dress, which showed the social status of its owner.

The walking-stick had another important for that time function - it was a hand-to-hand weapon. Fighting walking-sticks (heavy short "bludgeons", hollow scissor walking-sticks with stilettos inside) and even normal walking-stick made of solid wood became a dangerous weapon in an experienced hand.

Centuries have been passing, and this gentlemen toy came in and out of fashion. But nevertheless a walking-stick has been and it will stay a characteristic feature of a real man, and a symbol of smartness and dignity.

Today a collection walking-stick is a tribute to the tradition, which is still recovering, and it is an unusual and exquisite gift, which will never get lost among many others.

Walking-stick-stiletto Arabian racer (favourite)

Walking-stick-stiletto Arabian racer (favourite)
Walking-stick-stiletto COLLECTION

Walking-stick-stiletto COLLECTION
Walking-stick-small sword LION

Walking-stick-small sword LION
Walking-stick-small sword LORD OF THE SKY

Walking-stick-small sword LORD OF THE SKY

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